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Frequently asked questions

  • What sets Axiom apart from other gaming communities?
    Axiom is an organized, constructive, and goal-driven gaming community. We are ambitious, set high standards and goals in every game we play, and strive to synergize our hardcore ambitions with a casual-friendly atmosphere. It is our belief that everyone has value in the greater community. For the casual player, that means accessibility to events, ways to contribute to the greater goal of the guild, and time spent enjoying the game with good people at a similar pace; for the hardcore we offer adequate structure, expectations, and leadership that will streamline cooperation with players like themselves to overcome challenging content and be the forefront of progress. Many bounce between these styles of play depending on their interests and how much energy they're ready to put towards gaming on a day to day basis. We establish ways for these playstyles to coexist and complement each other so that all members of Axiom will benefit from the diverse resources, knowledge, and skills the community has to offer. This unity makes us self-sufficient, capable, and competitive.
  • Is Axiom a Hardcore or Casual gaming community?
    We are a mix of hardcore and casual players because we love to play a wide variety of multiplayer games, particularly MMOs. We understand the diversity of playstyles that come with the genre, and aim to maximize the amount of knowledge, resources, and value that each person brings to the table. Community leadership establishes ways for these playstyles to coexist and complement each other so that all members benefit from the resources, knowledge, and skills the community has to offer.
  • What are the different leadership roles in Axiom, and what do they do?
    Community Leader: Responsible for overall direction, moderation, and management of the community. Community Council: Responsible for directly assisting the Community Leader with moderation and management. They often serve as Project Leads, and will assemble members of Community Support or the broader community to accomplish tasks. Game Leadership: These individuals are appointed as the GM's and Officers of official chapters, and are responsible for leadership and management of the guild for that game.
  • How do you choose which games to play as a community?
    We are always monitoring various gaming news sources, streaming platforms, and stores to keep an eye on up-and-coming or popular multiplayer games to play. In our Discord we keep a "Popular Games" section which is a great place to find other players and gauge interest in a new game. We consistently have high interest in survival, co-op RPG, MOBA, and MMORPGs. Official Chapters are games that we have decided to fully invest leadership, organization, and resources to support. This usually happens for games where community interest is very high, the content provides longevity, and it requires the support of in-game leadership to sustain.
  • What is your stance on toxicity and griefing?
    Our community culture is based on respect, and we expect members to honor the spirit of competition and good sportsmanship. Griefing, toxic trash talk, and behavior that reflects poorly on the reputation of Axiom is not tolerated and will be grounds for removal if it is egregious or persistent.
  • What is considered toxic/griefing behavior?
    Behavior that goes against terms of service or community guidelines. This means no excessive flaming, doxxing, hate speech, or posting illegal or malicious content in the Discord or in-game. Repeatedly, excessively, or maliciously ruining the gaming experience of another player is considered griefing.
  • What is your stance on Real Money Transactions (RMT) and exploiting?
    We do not support actions that go against the Terms of Service for any game we are playing together. This includes hacking, exploiting, duping, or RMT with other players and 3rd party sources. If you are openly participating in this behavior or are banned in-game for violating ToS, then it is grounds for removal from the community.
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